The GIS-aided Mashup is a procedure that compiles geo-referenced data from different servers and displays it in a dynamic map presentation. Google Earth serves as basemap for a selected geo-referenced data. You can select as many mashup map layer that your system resources can accommodate.

When prompted to open or save the file, select "Open With Google Earth" to initiate Google Earth application. When exiting Google Earth, a pop-up window prompting you an option to "Save" the current state of the application. Saving your previous Google Earth access will give you the opportunity to browse mashed-up layer by simply running the Google Earth application even without internet connection.

This procedure requires you to have Google Earth application installed in your computer. To download the application, click here to download it from our server or download it directly from Google Earth site.

Some map resources like the FITS centers, Soils Series data are categorically grouped based on Philippine regions, this is to optimize loading time and provide user the option to select only the region/(s) concerning his/her query.