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Antique Province
Brief Description
Antique is one of the provinces comprising the island of Panay in Western Visayas It is bounded on the north and northeast by Aklan on the east by Capiz and on the southwest by Iloilo On the west is the Cuyo East Pass of the Sulu Sea part of the vast China Sea Eighteen municipalities make up the province fourteen along the coast three inland and one on six islets Coastal towns are Anini y Tobias Fornier Hamtic San Jose de Buenavista Belison Patnongon Bugasong Laua an Barbaza Tibiao Culasi Sebaste Pandan and Libertad The inland towns are Sibalom San Remigio and Valderrama
Geography Profiled like a seahorse Antique is an oversized serrated hemline on the western border of the three cornered scarf like land mass that is Panay It lies between the China Sea to the west and a tall mountain range 155 kilometers long and 33 kilometers at its widest to the east separating it from the rest of Panay
Region Region VI
Capital San Jose De Buenavista
Barangay 590
Component Cities
Municipalities Anini-y, Barbaza, Belison, Bugasong, Caluya, Culasi, Hamtic, Laua-an, Libertad, Pandan, Patnongon, San Jose de Buenavista, San Remigio, Sebaste, Sibalom, Tibiao, Tobias Fornier, Valderrama
Land Area 2,729.17
Population 546,031
Climate Antique has a pleasant tropical climate The climate of Antique is of the first type in which there are two pronounced seasons dry from November to April and wet the rest of the year Tha maximum rainfall are from June to September while February to April are the driest months December to January are the cool months while the hot months are April and May The mean temperature in Antique is 27 degrees centigrade The relative humidity is high at all times The north and northeast wind occur from November to May and the southeast wind from June to October On the average one tropical typhoon occur once a year in the Province of Antique
Coordinates 1114N 12206E
Upland (2015)
January - June (mt) 0.00 July - December (mt) 2,100.00
Lowland rainfed (2015)
January - June (mt) 9,601.00 July - December (mt) 89,641.00
Irrigated (2015)
January - June (mt) 63,693.00 July - December (mt) 120,168.00
All ecosystem (2015)
January - June (mt) 73,294.00 July - December (mt) 211,909.00