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Dolongan SERIES
General Profile Description
Depth cm Description
0-13 75YR 251 moist clay strong fine and medium subangular blocky firm sticky and plastic irregular fine common distinct mottles common medium tubular pores many very fine and fine common medium and few coarse roots few dispersed plant materials presence of ants termites and worms clear wavy boundary
13-41 75YR 251 moist silty clay moderate medium and fine strong subangular blocky breaking to granular friable to firm sticky and very plastic many 20 irregular prominent mottles 25YR 46 many medium and few fine fine tubular pores many fine common medium and very coarse roots many slightly decomposed plant materials clear wavy boundary
41-73 Black mostly decomposed organic materials with few silty clay soils wet loose to friable sticky and very plastic many medium and coarse tubular pores many fine and very few medium roots very many partly decomposed organic materials 5mm presence of a gray 5Y 53 silty 4 cm thick layer about 56 cm from the surface clear smooth boundary
73-94 partly decomposed organic materials that is loose and friable
LAT: 11.33305556
LNG: 125.0348333