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Nueva Ecija Province
Brief Description
Nueva Ecija is the largest province and the biggest rice producer of Central Luzon thus often referred to as the Rice Bowl of the Philippines Among its main attractions is the Pantabangan River the countrys first multi purpose infrastructure which stands today as a phenomenon in Filipino engineering feats Another is the Pampanga river cutting across a rich valley floor famed for irrigation the generation of hydroelectric power and the mitigation of flood damage Nueva Ecija is also the agri tourism pilot site in Central Luzon due to the presence of the Central Luzon State University in the province
Geography The province is the largest in Central Luzon Its terrain begins with the southwestern marshes near the Pampanga border It levels off and then gradually increases in elevation to rolling hills as it approaches the mountains of Sierra Madre in the east and the Caraballo and Cordillera ranges in the north
Region Region III
Capital Palayan City
Barangay 849
Component Cities Cabanatuan City, Gapan City, Palayan City, San Jose City, Science City of Munoz
Municipalities Aliaga, Bongabon, Cabiao, Carranglan, Cuyapo, Gabaldon, Gen. Mamerto Natividad, Guimba, General Tinio, Ja
Land Area 5,751.33
Population 1,955,373
Climate The provinces climate varies The eastern boundary has evenly distributed rainfall throughout the year the northeast has no pronounced seasons while the west and center are dry from November to April and wet May to October The three mountain ranges naturally protect the province from monsoon rains and typhoons that occur from July to October Average annual rainfall is 761 inches
Coordinates 1535N 12100E
All ecosystem (2015)
January - June (mt) 963,767.00 July - December (mt) 616,853.00
Irrigated (2015)
January - June (mt) 963,767.00 July - December (mt) 510,585.00
Lowland rainfed (2015)
January - June (mt) 0.00 July - December (mt) 106,268.00
Upland (2015)
January - June (mt) 0.00 July - December (mt) 0.00